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Sewage Backup Cleanup

Sewer Cleaning Services in Red Deer, AB

When most people think about dangerous situations, severe weather and floods may come to mind. Unfortunately, other dangers can begin your own home. If your house or business in Red Deer experiences sewage problems, avoiding help for it can create a home for disease and disaster. Whether it’s a simple bathroom backup or a severely overflowing toilet, handling any kind of sewage water is dangerous. When you have this issue, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call the Paul Davis Emergency Services to clean up the mess properly.

Complete Sewage Removal

Sewer water is gross, but that’s not the only reason to stay away from it. Disease-ridden sewage water can flow into your potable water in some cases of backups. Even drinkable water sources can develop pathogens in pooling water. For example, Hepatitis A, E. Coli are just samples of the diseases living in sewer water.

If the leak or backup is starting from the toilet trap or beyond, it might carry black water that has touched unprocessed waste. Typically black water has stayed stagnant for a long enough time to encourage the growth of pathogens. Black water may also be found in lake and river water. Contact the Paul Davis Emergency specialists immediately if you have a black water spill on your property.

Paul Davis Emergency Services

If you ever encounter a sewage leak at home, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services. With years of training, we understand the best ways to handle the hazardous substances in black and gray water correctly. We help the Red Deer, AB region with fast emergency response for sewage, leaks and mold removal. The longer you hesitate to treat water or sewer damage, the worse the hazard will become. Talk to us today!